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Can Street Art Survive the Mainstream?

We posted this article from http://www.good.is on our blog because it gives interesting opinions about Street art going mainstream. Also this article gave us an impression  about the future of street art.. Advertisements

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Street Art Beyond the Spray Can

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Global Street Art

These days, if you’re looking for innovative and vital art, skip the galleries and take a walk down the streets of any major city. The street art blog Wooster Collective helped GOOD curate some of the best examples of this … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Graffiti

The Scene Amsterdam has a rich, so called street art scene, where graffiti plays an important role. Much of this young people activity is closely connected to some sorts of music as hip hop, a few sport disciplines as skating … Continue reading

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Streetart Barcelona

During my visit in Barcelona I saw tons of interesting street art. Street art in Barcelona is different in some kind of way than in Amsterdam. In my opinion the street art in Barcelona is far more creative, colourful and … Continue reading

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Street Artist Interview: PEZ, by BCN Style

This is an interview wit the street artist PEZ. PEZ, also Spanish for fish. Very interesting personal quotes of this street artist. And also his future perspective. This is something we’ve learned during this Blog. One of our questions was, … Continue reading

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The History of Modern Street-Art and Graffiti

Graffiti, Street-Art, Urban-Art; with nearly 20,000 years of cultural evolution behind it, it’s still art by any other name and nothing seems able to stem its phenomenal popularity.  We’ve come a long way from the simple cave-paintings of our ancient … Continue reading

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Poop Culture: Examples Of Excellent Excrement (street)Art

Art made from poo, dung, shit or however you like to call it, is something strange. Can poo really be called art? Is it Guerilla street art? Just Leave It, Sprinkle Brigade’s Got It (images via: Inhabitat) Forget Joy Division, here’s Sprinkle Brigade, … Continue reading

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MOCA LA Presents a History of Street Art

This summer at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art, guests are invited to “the first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art.” Art in the Streets traces the history of street art, starting from the 1970s up to the present … Continue reading

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History of Street Art

In the figure bellow you see a time line of the developments in graffiti and street art. This time line gave us a good expression of how street art was developed in the past decades. The orange lines give the … Continue reading

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