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Short trailer for a new documentary film about Burpk: Graffiti artist, graphic designer and rapper. Real name: Thijs Reinders, from Holland, Kerkrade. He showcases his work on walls, billboards, hats and sneakers. The première is in February 2012. (Music: Flying … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Graffiti

The Scene Amsterdam has a rich, so called street art scene, where graffiti plays an important role. Much of this young people activity is closely connected to some sorts of music as hip hop, a few sport disciplines as skating … Continue reading

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The Graffiti Laws in Barcelona

The regulations to paint in Public Barcelona are quite strict. It is interesting to read in which way the government is involved in this industry.

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The History of Modern Street-Art and Graffiti

Graffiti, Street-Art, Urban-Art; with nearly 20,000 years of cultural evolution behind it, it’s still art by any other name and nothing seems able to stem its phenomenal popularity.  We’ve come a long way from the simple cave-paintings of our ancient … Continue reading

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Colorful Art Writers: 10 of the Best Graffiti Artists

There are so many different graffiti artists. While researching graffiti artist we came across this post from Delana at the weburbanist.com. It was more difficult to get in touch with graffiti artists then we first thought. This post gave us so much information about … Continue reading

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The ancient history of Street Art

Since before the Italians had the word “Graffiti,” and in fact, before there were any Italians, people have been leaving their marks on walls. These people weren’t viewed as criminals, nor were they likely seen as artists, but they could … Continue reading

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ALIAS is a Berlin-based street art artist. Specialised in the art of stencils. ALIAS has always a pinch of humor and grim realism in his works. All of his posters and stickers are produced with stencils and spray cans. Mainly … Continue reading

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Scratching the surface

He uses all kind of materials, from billboards to metal. The Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is regarded for his work across a variety of mediums. His way of making may be very interesting; using decrepit city walls as … Continue reading

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Light Art

Sustainable graffiti During a citytrip in Amsterdam Noord, we visited PIPS:lab. This artistic group introduced us with Light art. I was very intruged by it and I love this concept. Light art is mainly produced using long exposure cameras, in which … Continue reading

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The British Banksy has become one of the most famous graffiti artists in the world. Not only because of his developments of work, but also for his great originality. His relativistic view of (pop) cultural commentary is fantastic  and he … Continue reading

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