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Poop Culture: Examples Of Excellent Excrement (street)Art

Art made from poo, dung, shit or however you like to call it, is something strange. Can poo really be called art? Is it Guerilla street art? Just Leave It, Sprinkle Brigade’s Got It (images via: Inhabitat) Forget Joy Division, here’s Sprinkle Brigade, … Continue reading

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History of Street Art

In the figure bellow you see a time line of the developments in graffiti and street art. This time line gave us a good expression of how street art was developed in the past decades. The orange lines give the … Continue reading

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Tapeart by Multipraktik

Something new to us.. Tape Art! Multipraktik is a multi-disciplinary platform motivated by the pursuit of new practices at the crossover between design, photography, video production, music, events and art. They operate as an evergrowing collective of designers, artists, musicians, … Continue reading

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Light Art

Sustainable graffiti During a citytrip in Amsterdam Noord, we visited PIPS:lab. This artistic group introduced us with Light art. I was very intruged by it and I love this concept. Light art is mainly produced using long exposure cameras, in which … Continue reading

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