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Who says old people don’t like streetart??


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Global Street Art

These days, if you’re looking for innovative and vital art, skip the galleries and take a walk down the streets of any major city. The street art blog Wooster Collective helped GOOD curate some of the best examples of this … Continue reading

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MOCA LA Presents a History of Street Art

This summer at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art, guests are invited to “the first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art.” Art in the Streets traces the history of street art, starting from the 1970s up to the present … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Street Art 2011

From the inspiring Zero20 and Project ASA 2011: Amsterdam Street Art Project (ASA) is the annual street art event as organized by Stichting Amsterdam Street Art . The first edition took place in June 2010. The positive feedback from visitors, … Continue reading

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Graphs and the future of tech

The PSFK told us that the founder of Flickr and current enterprise Hunch, Caterina Fake imagines the next big movement in technology will be based around personalized recommendations and predictions. Caterina told The Telegraph: “Web 2.0 encompassed participatory media, user … Continue reading

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Karma in Amsterdam

A splash of color brightens up any street and that is just what Amsterdam needs. Karma noticed massive grey building blocks and transformed them into giant Lego bricks. Now that is what you want to see when you are walking trough … Continue reading

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Karma strikes back

The Irish street artist Karma was in February of this year inspired by the city of Amsterdam. He chooses a nice spot in the middle of the center to create a new piece of art. Work of Karma directly involves the … Continue reading

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Animated street art for the Tumblr generation

Everybody likes to read something about anybody´s live. Social communities are growing like sunflowers on a summer day. A new way to share your interests is blogging. Tumblr is one of the well known blogging systems and used by a … Continue reading

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Scratching the surface

He uses all kind of materials, from billboards to metal. The Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is regarded for his work across a variety of mediums. His way of making may be very interesting; using decrepit city walls as … Continue reading

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Light Art

Sustainable graffiti During a citytrip in Amsterdam Noord, we visited PIPS:lab. This artistic group introduced us with Light art. I was very intruged by it and I love this concept. Light art is mainly produced using long exposure cameras, in which … Continue reading

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