During our research and cool hunting, we came across many different sources. All sources are completely and and correctly posted in every blogpost and article.

Here is an overview of our used sources for the assignments and for our own insights.


Documentary films

  • Rock Fresh, 2004
  • RASH, 2005
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop, 2010


  • Bakas Adjiedj, ‘Megatrends Europe’, 2006
  • Roothart, Hilde, ‘from Trends to Brands’, 2005
  • De Ridder,Wim, ‘de Wereld breekt open’, 2010
  • Pine, Joseph B., ‘The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage’ 2008
  • Edwards Tufte’s NEW BOOK BEAUTIFUL EVIDENCE, 2010
  • Craig Castleman, Subway Graffiti in New York,2009
  • Gregory J. Snyder, Graffiti lives: beyond the tag in New York’s urban underground, 2005
  • Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant, Subway art, 2006
  • Stephen Powers, The art of getting over: graffiti at the millennium, 2003

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