Assignment 2

A day at the IKEA

We have spend one day at the Ikea to do Ethnographic research. This day was to learn more about this type of research. We can use our findings and new knowledge to study and observe the Street Art scene.

Ethnography is a qualitative method aimed to learn and understand a cultural group. Ethnography aims to describe the nature of those who are studied (i.e. to describe a people, an ethnos) through writing. In the biological sciences, this type of study might be called a “field study” or a “case report,” both of which are used as common synonyms for “ethnography”.  Data collection is often done through participant observation, interviews, questionnaires, etc.

Doing this research we’ve studied and observed the people who where shopping and what they experienced while they came and stayed at the Ikea.

Ethnographic research

Doing Ethnographic research about Street Art was a very interesting experience. We have noticed some cultural differences between the Artist and the pedestrians. We’ve summarised our research in the PDF above.

A short film from to give an expression




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