Poop Culture: Examples Of Excellent Excrement (street)Art

Art made from poo, dung, shit or however you like to call it, is something strange. Can poo really be called art? Is it Guerilla street art?

Just Leave It, Sprinkle Brigade’s Got It

(images via: Inhabitat)

Forget Joy Division, here’s Sprinkle Brigade, a “group of guys that still live in their parents’ basements”…since 2005?? At least they get out once in a while, lured by the sight (and scent) of animal droppings in an urban setting which they upcycle into miniature scenes of life in the wasteland – with the emphasis on waste. Sprinkle Brigade doesn’t sell their crap, er, art… ok, crap art… but they do have a gift shop at the website and have been known to exhibit their dirty work at NYC galleries. SB’s motto: Just Leave It, We Got It.

(image via: Inhabitat)

“The weather outside is frightful,” and walkin’ in a winter wonderland is akin to navigating an organic minefield in some parts of the city. When Mother Nature deigns not to accessorize the leavings of urban pets, Sprinkle Brigade takes over: the holiday-themed excretion creation above aims to ape ol’ Rudolf, red nose and all. No wonder they wouldn’t let him join in any reindeer games.

Foul Fountain

(images via: Number Two Guide and Eamazings)

OK, so you’re annoyed by the lack of dog poop pickup in your neighborhood. Do you (a) contact city authorities, (b) do some DIY scooping, or (c) make a stone & bronze sculpture engraved “Sh*t Fountain”and display it in your front yard? If you’re Chicago artist Jerzy S. Kenar, it’s the latter. Surprisingly, his neighbors seem to approve – probably because bronze has no odor.

The monstrous metallic movement has become somewhat of a tourist attraction for those visiting Augusta. The Sh*t Fountain makes a unique place to share a snack or watch the birds bathe during wet weather… and for pete’s sake, pick up after your pet!

The Phantom Poop Painter Of New York City

(images via: NBC New York)

Something’s rotten in The Big Apple, and it ain’t apples… OK, road apples. Remember Jerzy S. Kenar, creator of the Sh*t Fountain? Kenar didn’t like Chicago dog-walkers neglecting to poop & scoop so he erected a fecal fountain in their dishonor. They do things a little different in NYC: an unknown Double Rainbow Guy Of Poop is spray-painting abandoned droppings in bright, neon colors… it’s so intense!

(image via: NBC New York)

What does it mean?? Let’s call it a bizarre form of Folk Art that combines overt vigilante action with covert graffiti tagging. The poop paintings are also dynamic and evolutionary since wind, rain and time eventually wear away the organic material leaving a series of colorful rings to mark the original misdeed.

Is it art, or not? Making from art from poo so it becomes a little nicer to see on the streets? Well I don’t know, but in my opinion this is rather funny.

Original Author: Works Of Art, by admin

En-derin.com, Poop culture. Consulted June 23, 2011. From: http://www.en-derin.com/artworks/poop-culture-11-examples-of-excellent-excrement-art

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