Amsterdam Street Art 2011

From the inspiring Zero20 and Project ASA 2011:

Amsterdam Street Art Project (ASA) is the annual street art event as organized by Stichting Amsterdam Street Art . The first edition took place in June 2010. The positive feedback from visitors, artists, media and partners was even better than expected.

The line-up of fifteen street artists is almost complete:
Btoy is Andrea Michaelson and her art focuses on stencils and iconic photography.

Ottograph’s first street art is made at the age often. Since then he has painted walls in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Antwerp, New York and Tokyo.

Sweet Toof is a member of the British Burning Candy collective. His characters are always depicted with a broad visible teeth smile.

Cosh from Rotterdam is an illustrator and animator. According to the bio on his website, he also makes time for his art on the streets.

Erick Hikups comes from Brussels, where his work with expressive eyes is visible in many places in the Belgian capital.

ASA Project 2011 takes place around the Amsterdam city center. Is giving young street art talent the opportunity to exhibition @The Thought Gallery, GO Gallery and Bellamyplein Gallery. De Duivel is the stage of a street art in Amsterdam photography exhibition.

Besides the exhibitions, the program has an Amsterdam street art tour and workshops. Participating artists are being taken to places in and outside the Amsterdam city center for outdoors paintings. (Project ASA 2011)

Amsterdam street art, Project ASA. Consulted . From:
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