Graphs and the future of tech

The PSFK told us that the founder of Flickr and current enterprise Hunch, Caterina Fake imagines the next big movement in technology will be based around personalized recommendations and predictions. Caterina told The Telegraph:

“Web 2.0 encompassed participatory media, user generated content, this idea that the data were useful. Whatever this next thing is includes that very deep layer of personalization, this idea of mobility, this idea of being able to predict your behaviours based on your own personal profile, and the activities of other people aggregating all this information. All the stuff is there, it just needs to be put together.”

Hunch’s growing data on users, attained form Face book, Twitter and personal questions, is currently used to plot graphs. Fake hopes that in the future, information will be utilized more to make recommendations ordered by relevance and individual suitability. It could be used to remind you of a relative’s birthday, suggest a list of possible gifts based on their tastes, check the stock of local stores, and find their address from your address book. (Source: PSFK, Emma Hutchings)

This development is useful for our predictions on the trend Urban Pride. It gave us more information about the behaviours of the consumers.


Amsterdam street art, Project ASA. Consulted May 12, 2011. From:
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