Animated street art for the Tumblr generation

Everybody likes to read something about anybody´s live. Social communities are growing like sunflowers on a summer day. A new way to share your interests is blogging. Tumblr is one of the well known blogging systems and used by a creative street artist.

London based artist INSA, just finished his largest gif-itti piece in Newcastle, England for Unit 44`s White Walls Project. The piece took over three days to complete, and re-painting the walls four times yielded eye-popping results. Tongue in cheek in nature, INSA´s work makes a statement about how a majority of street art is currently looked at online.

INSA´s gif-itti truly comes alive when viewed online, where these days most street art ends up being viewed, and exaggerates the ephemeral nature of graffiti as each layer is painting instantly over the last. Mixing retro internet technology and labour intensive painting, INSA creates slices of infinite un-reality, cutting edge art for the Tumblr generation. (Source: PSFK, Kyana Gordon)

Unit 44. White walls. Consulted May 9, 2011. From:
Amsterdam street art, Project ASA. Consulted May 9, 2011. From:
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