The British Banksy has become one of the most famous graffiti artists in the world. Not only because of his developments of work, but also for his great originality. His relativistic view of (pop) cultural commentary is fantastic  and he is cutting restrictions on freedom of speech in Britain.

A collection of his work came recently from the Netherlands under the untranslatable title ‘Wall and Piece’. The man behind Banksy is largely shrouded in mystery. It is said that he was born near Bristol. Somewhere in the eighties he started with graffiti, more information about him is unknown.

It is obvious that he is British. Like all great British humorists he likes to make fun of the authority: He painted intimate kissing policeman, a wild  peeing palace guard a riot police spraying graffiti.
After having conquered the streets, Banksy began with an ambitious plan to come to the museums. As a contemporary Marcel Duchamp he smuggled his word inwards to stimulate discussion about the meaning of art.

Prestigious museums like the British museum and the Tate Gallery in London and MOMA in New York were unknowingly showing work of Banksy that was hanged by himself. Including accompanying information sign.

Last summer Banksy had his real exhibition in a museum in Bristol, which attracted an enormous number of visitors. True to his own subversive style, he became one of the most overrated artists in the area. And still this artist is working in progress.

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Banksy. Street artist. Consulted on April 29, 2011. From: Banksy strikes again. Consulted on April 29, 2011. From:

PSFK. Consulted on April 29, 2011. From:
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