Pride may be taken literally, we define Urban Pride as “Stadse trots”

“Urbanization remains one of the absolute mega trends for the coming decade. Today, half the world’s population lives in urban areas. Close to 180,000 people move into cities daily, adding roughly 60 million new urban dwellers each year.” (Source: Intuit, October 2010)

How will this change the consumer arena? Trendwatching.com: Firstly, the  urban consumer tend to be more daring, more liberal, more tolerant, more experienced, more prone to trying out new products and services. In emerging markets, these effects tend to be even more pronounced, with new arrivals finding themselves distanced from traditional social and familial structures, while constantly exposed to a wider range of alternatives.

Catering to city-citizens in these vast urban entities requires a local, dedicated approach in products, services and campaigns that mirror if not surpass the usual country-specific approach.

To cut a long story short: In 2011, go for products, services, experiences or campaigns that tailor to the very specific (and often more refined, more experienced) needs of urbanites worldwide, if not city by city. And don’t forget to infuse them with a heavy dose of ‘URBAN PRIDE’. From Smirnoff’s Absolut Cities to BMW’s Megacity vehicle, urban is the way to go. (Source: trendwatching.com)

This blog tells you everything about the developments of urban pride in big cities: Urban Pride may be taken literally, we define Urban Pride as “Stadse trots”. With our focus on street art we dive deeper in the underground scene of Amsterdam and the relation between artists and  the commercial world.

Enjoy reading!

Love and Pride,
Isabelle and Nathalie

Trendwatching, Citysumers trends voor 2011. Consulted on April 25, 2011. From: http://trendwatching.com/trends/citysumers/
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